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Web Site Bounce Rates

For folks who keep careful track of their websites, what are you getting for bounce rates?

I am hovering between a 49% and 53% bounce rate. The experts say that's too high. With adjustments over time, I have NOT been able to change those rates.

If anybody out there has a moment, I would greatly appreciate a quick look at my site and a quick opinion about whether you would stay on my site to get hiring info or would you quickly move on to another site?


Re: Web Site Bounce Rates

I just took a look at your website, Jon. I like the look. It has a fresh and well-designed appearance. The language is clear, illustrative, but not full of hyperbole (B.S.) It is possible
that the addition of bullet-type short descriptive phrases at the top of each page might drive your message home faster, kind of like newspaper headline writers try to reduce the essence of the story to a bumper sticker phrase.

I also noticed that you do your upholstery cleaning via HWE.
What equipment do you use?

Re: Web Site Bounce Rates

It's a little Sandia spot cleaner. It has pretty good suction and holds enough water to do a sofa and a chair. Here it is:

Wow it went way up in price.

It's not hot unless you put hot water in the extractor. I am cautious about causing shrinkage.

I find most upholstery dries in 4-5 hours. Some can dry in 2 hours, some fabrics take overnight.

Re: Web Site Bounce Rates

Looks very professional! Seems well put together. I have always believed in copying others (within reason)IF they are successful. Look at the national carpet cleaning websites. They pay BIG money for their websites. Again, your website is impressive. I sold Yellow Page ads for 5 years and Mark is correct about bullet points and headlines. Remember WOW factors! God Bless, J.R. Ackerman

Re: Web Site Bounce Rates

OK thanks for the input guys! I did a rewrite of just the text before asking. I will slowly try to work bullets and/or wows into the tops of the pages.

Re: Web Site Bounce Rates

I think site looks good! But no call to action and its a little boring,I know that sounds a little crazy,It took me a few to figure out why people were not staying long enough.I really think you need to stand out from others,Look at others and see what would make you call..Here is my site, Not perfect either but i get a pretty good conversion..