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The pages have way too much info clumped into a GIANT paragraph. If I was looking for a carpet cleaner and saw your home page, I would go to the next website. Hit the "WOW FACTORS" with bullet points, numbers, boxes that include tidbit facts, etc. (please correct your ETC, ETC, on the last page. Not E C T). I like the bird and color. You have important info. Format it better.

Re: Website

I would agree with J. R.'s comments above. The site is graphically a little "all over the place". I think conferring with a graphic designer, esp. one with experience in website design, could help to focus it for you. In addition, it seems to have no USP - Unique Selling Proposition. What is it that YOU offer that differentiates you from the competition? I always lead with the fact that I use only natural products. While I realize that others in this industry have started using
(or claim to be using) natural products, few LEAD OFF with a focus on this. They rather mix it in with a bunch of other claims, diluting the message. Customers do better remembering fewer rather than more items when they view an ad or website. One is best. Two is max. On later pages, assuming the prospect is still with you, you can go into greater detail. I called my company Drysdale's because 20 years ago, when I first started it, low-moisture, or "DRY" cleaning was my primary benefit. A couple of years later I began to go with a chemical-free approach, and possibly should have re-named the service with something more in tune with that at that time, like maybe GREEN-Dale's, or Enviro-Clean or something along those lines.