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Tile & Grout

2 things: 1 How do you remove rust stains from tile & grout?

2 What do you use to seal grout and briefly explain how to properly apply it?

Thanks Mark and anyone who can help.

Re: Tile & Grout

I'm not sure I've ever seen rust stains on tile I was trying to clean. If your grout cleaning product and process didn't seem to work, I would try a good rust remover. I use the rust stain treatment that Vacaway makes, and have found it to work well on carpet fibers.
I have also heard people report success in removing rust stains from grout using the following products:
---dishwashing detergent
---laundry detergent
---hydrogen peroxide (the strongest are found at beauty
supply stores)
---oxy-bleach, in paste form. Allow 30 minutes to work.
---a paste of hydrogen peroxide & cream of tarter
---a paste of baking soda & lemon juice.

Good luck. Please report back on what worked for you.

Re: Tile & Grout

I forgot to mention: the ultimate authorities on grout cleaning are to be found at

Re: Tile & Grout

Baking soda & nongel toothpaste worked well on the rust. Also is an awesome website. Thanks!