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Aussie Update

This is the weekend in Melbourne which features the Australian Grand Prix - the Formula One car race with all the big racing names competing: Ferrari, Renault, Cosworth, McLaren, Lotus,, Red Bull, etc. The actual race is Sunday, the 27th, but for 3 days leading up to it there are all kinds of events taking place at the grounds (circuit?) where the race is held. The race location is not far out in the country somewhere, but right next to the core downtown area. Yesterday, while out walking around the city, all you could hear was the high-pitched whine of the F-1 engines being put through their paces in time trials or whatever they do leading up to the race. It was incredibly loud, kind of like being right next to a busy airport, but much more shrill. Any on you who are F-1 fans will know the sound. The favorite among the locals is the Red Bull team, which features Mark Webber, native Melburnian, as one of their 2 drivers. But Michael Shumacher, the German who won seven (7!!) world F-1 titles with Ferrari several years ago is beginning a comeback after several years away from racing, and he is also considered a strong possibility to win. He now drives for the Mercedes team.

While discussing my business last night in an Irish pub with one of my wife's colleagues, he told me about a similar but widely expanded service based here in Melbourne.
It began simply as Jim's Mowing, and now offers services throughout the country in all kinds of cleaning and maintenance services, on into pest control, landscaping, mobile auto washing, etc. If you are curious, go and visit