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New Guy

Hi my name is Kevin, and I am thinking very hard about going into Carpet cleaning business. I have ask a few qustions on here and people have been very helpful. I was wondering if the manual that comes with the start up package tells how and what to use on differnt types of carpet and stains ? thanks for your help . Kevin in TN.

Re: New Guy

Yes to a degree.I think most of us here primarily use alot of the same products

Re: New Guy

There are a lot of ways to "skin a cat" (so I've heard - I've never actually done it) so most people try this and that product and eventually come up with a combination that work for them. I have had good luck with the Vacaway line of encapsulizing stain treatments, and have a box of these products sent off with each of my Packages. You can also do online searches using such search terms as "remove blood stain from carpet" and find a lot of useful information in this manner as well.