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need gliders and outsolve

Hello and how have you been?
I need all 3 gliders and some outsolve cleaner. Can you get me these items? Also is a steam cleaner necesary to do a great job on Tile? What brand do you recomend and where can I get one? Thanks.

Re: need gliders and outsolve

we don't use any steam and we do a lot if tile n grout. just got done modifying my titan to hold 30 lbs of additional weight. the extra weight helps clean the grout lines a lot faster. we use oil eater only $55 per 5 gallons in my area. from what I've heard steam is great just takes longer, any comments on speed of steam vs op on t&g

Re: need gliders and outsolve

mike, How did you modify your titan? Does that have to do with the splash issue? Or are you just talking about adding weight? Also, where do I go to purchase the cleaner you use for tile and grout? Thanks for you time.....Sam

Re: need gliders and outsolve

I buy my cleaner locally but you can google oileater and find several sites. I also use it on trashed carpet, berber, and restaurant carpets. I prespray with it the follow up with hydroxi pro (encap cleaner) this cleaner works awesome and only $25 a gal.

I modified my titan by drilling 4 holes in the base. 2 to each side. then I use 2 - 15lbs reebox weights. they have a square head and a rubber insulated. I use u bolts to keep them in place. you have to remove the pad driver to put the bolts in from underneath. works great! it was the only way I could think of to secure a large amount of weight without them falling off!

I haven't done anything with the splashing yet. I do a lot of commercial and my residential customers usually leave when doing t&g so I just wipe down base boards when done. good thing oil eater isn't harsh!

Re: need gliders and outsolve

Re. the gliders, order these directly. Brooks Beeler is the new owner there. His e-mail is
Order Outsolv directly from Bioforce (