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Beating the Craigslist dead horse

Craigslist works, I thought, "who would search for carpet cleaning on Craigslist?", turns out a lot of people. That's what I get for being cynical. Anyone new to CC'ing like me and still learning should post as much as you can.

Also Mark's advice on making your marketing center around your website has made a big difference for my business lately. Just started but already getting great results from inbound marketing via the internet versus strictly outbound stuff i.e. (flyers, billboards, etc.) If you need to build a website and don't want to spend a lot of money to have someone do it for you, check at, it takes a little time to go through the video tutorials and get familiar, but it is inexpensive, is easy to use, and flexible. I tried WebSite tonight to build from GoDaddy, complete waste for me personally, I couldn't get my site to look like I wanted, on squarespace I can really create anything I want with relative ease. Plus you can start to build for free, and only have to pay once you would like to publish.