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bacteria in carpet

The truck mounts advertise how thier 119-125 degree heated water extraction removes mold and bacteria from the carpet.
how does the op work on bacteria/mold removal??
If it does how can i use it as a marketing selling point???
Do you have to sprayon another additive to the carpet to kill/take up the mold and bacteria? thanks for he info pax

Re: bacteria in carpet

Some carpet cleaners, like some used car dealers, will jump on any issue and make any claim if they think someone might believe it and call them up. I would ask these people exactly what proof they have come up with to prove their claims. I doubt that they have any. Any good vacuum cleaner will pull up some of what they are talking about. Once the carpet has become wet, I'm not so sure that some of the critters they claim to be sucking out are stuck tight to the carpet fibers or to the base of the carpet. Plus, since they leave so much more water in the carpet, much of it down on the base. they are leaving a humid atmosphere that will recolonise quickly with new bacteria. I think the use of a steam vapor machine, operating in the range of 300 degrees F., might just be the best way to kill minute organisms. I have read one study wherein a "kill" rate of about 80% of dust mite allergen was destroyed via the use of a steam vapor machine. I carry one with me, and have a few customers who say this process seems like it reduces the ill effects they had previously experienced from dust mites. You can actually kill dust mites at a much lower temperature - around 200 degrees F., but to destroy the allergen (dust mite fecal matter and body parts) you need something up around the high 200's or 300 degrees.

Re: bacteria in carpet


Does the vapor steam machine you use able to work at 200-300 F? If so, what is the brand?

Re: bacteria in carpet

Most of the pro level steam vapor machines out there produce temps in the high 200's to about 300 degrees (F.), at around 60 to 75 psi. I currently use a Daimer ( There are in Woburn MA. Another good brand is the Fogacci. For this, you might look at, which I believe is located in Scottsdale AZ.

Re: bacteria in carpet

I am also in search of finding the solution for removal of dirty substances and bacteria in the carpets.Although I change them for thrice in a month, The bacteria is under the carpet and some sort of insects will appear there. I used to clean the floor with some appliquéd poured in the water used for the cleaning.It is only up to two days and after that again the same will arise. Please produce some attachments for the solution of my problem.

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