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Heading for "Down Under"

Life is hectic in my household as my wife Donna and I prepare to leave tomorrow for 3 weeks in Australia - mostly in the vicinity of Sydney, Newcastle, and Melbourne. Donna is a well known educational consultant in her field, which is called Faculty Development. It deals with upgrading the classroom teaching skills of college faculty who studied enough to learn absolutely everything in their field, but are clueless as to how to communicate this material to students in a classroom or lab setting. She will be working with people in this matter at the University of Newcastle in New South Wales and at Victoria University in Melbourne, Victoria.
I, meanwhile, in addition to making sure that she gets up in time to perform her chores, will be heading out daily to view the many sights of southeast Australia - the famous Sydney Opera House; the great Sydney Harbor area; the Blue Mountains National Park area; the colorful trams of downtown Melbourne. Hoping I can get her to play hooky often enough to see some of all this herself.

I expect to have internet access while there, so I hope not to miss too much of what goes on here at Challenger Forum. Back April 4. G'day!

Re: Heading for "Down Under"

I hope you and your wife have a great trip!

Re: Heading for "Down Under"

Have a good trip to OZ Mark