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Re: Upholstery

Yes the polisher has a velcro drive plate I have been using 8 inch tuways with good results

Re: Upholstery

I bought some of the small Tuways (synthetic fibers) intending to use them with my stair tool, but I found them to cling so tightly to the velcro on my machine that it pulled the velcro off. So now I use the 14" pads (mostly cotton) that Challenger sells for their 11" (heavy!) stair tool. It doesn't rip the velcro off.

Re: Upholstery

Mark: Are you saying that you use the Challenger stair tool pads on most of the upholstery you clean?

Forum: So does anyone have experience with attachments such as those sold from excellent supply like the brush attachment, what about the fiber plus pads for upholstery?

Anyone want to just comment in general on upholstery cleaning tips?

I appreciate the comments you all have left so far. I am just now getting experience with upholstery now that I am the only priority listing in my area under it on, I am sure that I will get better as I encounter different pieces just as the carpets, but I would appreciate any commentary on other cleaners' experience with upholstery. Last post on upholstery questions from me, I promise.........for now anyway.


Also thanks for the advice on the Drill Master polisher, it was inexpensive, easy to handle, and I acquired it locally, I really appreciate the advice on that one.