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Re: Stains

That's kind of unusual, Keith. If you bought your Challenger from me, in the Package I ship to you I include a FiberPlus pad. This works well for me as a pre-scrub in situations where the carpet is unevenly soiled, or has a lot of spots. In super-soiled situations, I will sometime use one of the smaller FiberPlus pads sized for the 3 small heads on a Cimex machine. In this way, I can achieve a greater pressure on the area/s with the extra-heavy soil. With regard to your poor experience with Vacaway products, you might want to e-mail and see if he can offer any assistance.

Re: Stains

Mark, I did buy it from you and did get the FiberPlus Pad I am just not sure how to use it. Do you still use a disk with the fiberplus pads? And what Green solutions do you reccomend? Thank you for your help


Re: Stains

Hey Keith I have had good results with the vacaway products, the more stains I encountered the better I got at using the correct stain remover and application, vacaway has a guide to different stains and how to remove them, however I find that having a supply of "helgel orange" for sticky stains, gum, tar, etc works well, and then I use "spot n boost" regularly for stubborn stains, and it works great. I personally let the customer know what they can expect because all stains are not removable, but most are with the right product. I don't know if their are green products that are strong enough for stubborn stains, I usually explain to those who care that my primary cleaner is plant based, and that we only use stronger cleaners on the tough stains, have never had an issue, I think most people would just rather get their stains out, rather than make sure all your products are green. Good luck man

P.S. I only use the fiber plus pads on really trashed carpet and really bad traffic lanes, I don't believe increasing your agitation is going to help get a stain out if you haven't applied a cleaner that will work on it.

Re: Stains

Don't use a glider with a FiberPlus pad.

Re: Stains

Dwell time makes a difference, often at resd jobs I will go in and pre-spray and hit spots and heavy traffic with quite a bit more spray. This way the spray has plenty of time before I bring in equipment and begin cleaning. I use oil eater on really trashed carpet then follow up with hydroxi pro. works wonders for us. sometimes ill bring out an iron with a pad underneath, just dont leave the iron there to long! good luck