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Vacs Update

In the March issue of Consumer Reports Magazine is their annual results of testing of vacuum cleaners. At or near the top of the category "Bagged Uprights" are the following:

#1. Hoover Wind Tunnel Anniversary Edition U6485 900
73 points. $230,00
Rated Excellent on carpets; Very Good on pet hair.

#2. Kenmore Intuition 31100
72 points. $260.00
Rated Very Good on carpets; Excellent on pet hair.

#4. Hoover Tempo Widepath US 140-900
71 points. Rated Excellent on both carpets and pet hair.

Brands rated for long-term durability:
Best 3: Kirby, Kenmore, Dyson
Worst 3: Simplicity, Riccar, Hoover

Re: Vacs Update

I forgot to point out that the #4-rated Hoover sells for just $80. Seems like a bargain!

Re: Vacs Update

I have awesome results with my pro flite - super quiet backpack vac with wand. its light and it never clogs from hair! very fast and convenient specially for all the comercialwork I do, chairs desks ect I like having a vac with brush however oping brings so much hair and debris to the surface that normal vacuuming couldn't.

Re: Vacs Update

Mike, thanks for your input on this.

Re: Vacs Update

I just bought a Kirby G7 This machine really is the best I have ever used. I have owned and sold alot of Kirby machines I never appreciated them as much as I do now. The self propelled models are far superior to any other type of machine out there. People say oh but they weigh so much The direct drive tranny makes this machine push and pull with about 2 lbs of pressure. Ovr a period of a day your shoulder and elbow will thank you for it. As far as suction goes how many machines that you know of actually try to pull the carpet into the roller

Re: Vacs Update

Vacs gone wild!!