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Working in Marble and other Polishable Stones

Some people in the c.c. business, like myself, like to use their relationships with their customers to generate income in other floor surface areas. You yourself, with little difficulty, should be able to offer tile & grout cleaning along with c.c. I have done a fair amount of wood floor recoat jobs, but now I sub it all out to my guy who does real sanding and refinishing for me. I have offered marble and other stone refinishing services on kind of an on & off basis.
I have found it difficult to maintain continuing relationships with traditional marble restoration people, although I am now again in the process of trying to build such a relationship. I have also tried my hand at basic marble polishing using a set of "Eco Pads", with mixed results. Now there is what some who have used them claim as a distinct breakthrough in marble floor service pads,
known as Cheetah Pads. They are made by the same company,
Innovative Surface Solutions (Dana Kothrode), as makes the somewhat over-hyped and under-performing Monkey Pads. For those of you who would like to learn more about this there is a lengthy (5 page) thread currently running on I think I also found something on it at