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There's an article in the current (Feb. 21 '11) edition of TIME magazine that I recommend anyone operating a local business read. It concerns Groupon, the newest internet phenomenon. As the name suggests, it has to do with offering
discount coupons to people who might want to use your service. Now, anyone who has read my Training Manual, and/or followed the Forum for a while, knows that I am not a big fan of chasing after the price-driven, discount-seeking customer.
But Groupon is becoming such an Elephant in the Room that you might want to consider it. You at least want to know about it. A few weeks back, our own Michaal Sullivan from the Austin TX area reported here that he was using Groupon. So Michael, if you are reading my words, why don't you see if you can summarize your experience with it to date.

Re: Groupon

Mark I think MR Sullivan is too busy cleaning carpets to be reading BB's