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Re: Marketing

In any town, city, or metro area, there are people with more resources (the HAVES), and there are people with fewer resources (the HAVE NOT AS MUCH). While there are exceptions, you have a better shot of getting business from the HAVES than from the others. So if at all possible, concentrate your marketing resources on the people who have more to spend on home services - higher so-called discretionary income. These are also the people who are more likely to respond to your use of natural, chemical-free cleaning products. Concern about environmental and personal health issues rises along with levels of education, career status, and income. The more the customer can see the benefits you are offering other than just cleaner rugs and carpeting, the less price-driven she is. There are price shoppers, and there are people seeking more value for their money. Value combines price along with reliability, results, professional appearance,
environmental issues, and a number of related elements.
The value-oriented customer will be far more loyal than the price-shopper, who knows the price of everything but the value of nothing. PEARLS BEFORE SWINE!