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Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

Wow, Mark!!!

Thanks for the advice. I'm really glad I found this forum. You added a personal side to marketing that I really hadn't considered. The material I have is really great and if I combine the two with your added advice, business should really kick-off. The program I have had sample ads and sample discount coupons to offer to clients and a follow-up letter-writing system as a way to stay in touch with my clients and it included a coupon to give to a friend. So, I think this will work out really well once I get my marketing plan in motion. I'll be checking back for other advice from others. I'm amazed at the useful info being offered in this forum. Thanks.

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

Try the social websites facebook myspace etc Also join any free business forum and promo sites like Merchant circle gets you up higher on Google w/o spending a dime

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

What has worked for me is having a website and doing Search Engine Optimization on it. This is obscure and expansive knowledge and if you buy it, its expensive.

Google adwords, despite the expense, has worked best for me. Study all the info the Google makes available on how to do it. I made the mistake of hiring somebody to do my adwords and they wrecked my campaign. Got to take it over again.

My next project is to use post-it pads. I am getting post-it pads with my logo for very cheap. I will saturate my town with these everyplace that people use scrap paper: bank desks, grocery service desks, library card catalogue desks, laundramats, walk into offices and give out free post-its, etc. But I am doing this only LOCALLY. I guess this is part of the FARMING method Mark mentions.

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

I should clarify that in my message above, I am NOT sticking post-its here and there. I am leaving books of branded post-its around for people to USE, take home, etc.

All the drug companies make branded post-it pads for doctors to give away to their patients, etc.

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

Hello,I can help I am just starting out in seo..I am looking for a few new clients.I am also a carpet cleaner
I am only charging 200.00 a month and a 200 setup if you want me to help or have ? i will get you listed in google places and organic listing..It can take up to 6 months..It all depends on were you rank now,and how old your domain is..I do not do any black hat tactics that will get you banned..

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

Hey Jon K
Where do you get your post it notes printed up??? thanks..pax

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

Hey marki
I have that marketing training cds also.
It works great! Just do it!!!

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

Sorry to be so late in answering. Just saw your question.

I am getting my post-its printed with: 1-866-401-3857

They gave me a cold call, selling their promotional materials. They had some really good bulk prices and ideas, so I bought.

The 3x4 custom printed post-its are 66 cents each, including shipping, if you buy 500 pads. They set up art for you but not use your existing logo for that price.

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

Another idea that the Paradise people had was branded LED key chains. They have a pretty cool little LED light keychain. It's very bright. They printed my company name and contact info on these.

I give these to customers after I finish the job. A few people put their keys on it right while I was standing there finishing up business with them. Will this get my name out there or make this customer use me again? Don't know. I will let you know in 12 months.

Re: Getting Carpet Cleaning Clients/Customers

Vacaway will make up 6 oz. bottles of their Encap Green (concentrated) spot & stain product at (I think) .80 per bottle. They will private-label these for you, including your logo, if you have one. (