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Holy ****!!

I did a groupon thing wasnt sure what to exspect,Well it sold 65 jobs and still 6 hours left..Booked 8 already and book 3 full paying clients of it..I will be interesting to see how much money i will make.I did a 2 room special 3 45.00 Nuts!! But i figure i will do ok No over head Low fuel cost,I predict i will make about 6,000 or more on this deal..No cost for advertising.I never do this type of marketing but been pretty slow,and i figure a will retain about 40% of these clients..Do to most coupon buyes don't give much loyatly thats been my exsperience I will let you huys know if it was a success..Worst case I only make 30 dollars a hour..My retention rate now is over 90% anyway just figure i would share withh ya...

Re: Holy ****!!

I don't normally do the discount and coupon thing, but last winter I put a flier into the weekly newspaper that serves Peabody MA (where I live) and adjoining Lynnfield, a pretty nice suburb. I offered 1/2 price carpet cleaning for Feb. and March - my "cold weather" sale. I did get a pretty good response, but the people who responded definitely were price shoppers, not value shoppers. They still wanted to know EXACTLY how much each job would cost, and still tried to get me to agree to a lower price. I imagine the next time they need work of this sort done they will again look to find whoever is cheapest.

Re: Holy ****!!

Hey,Mark you are correct.. I also have learned most coupon shoppers have no loyalty,I figure i should be able to keep about 30% of them.I ended up with 83 jobs from coupon..and most people want more rooms done at full price,at least i will be busy and not sitting at home..