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Shag rugs with the Challenger

Hi Folks,

I am getting some calls to clean "shag" rugs. To me, a shag rug is something with yarn-like fingers that can be up to three inches long.

How does the Challenger work on these types of rugs? Is this an appropriate application for the Challenger system? I am worried about doing damage to the rug.

Jon K

Re: Shag rugs with the Challenger

I pass on rugs like these. There is just too much material.
HWE people should also pass on them, as they can only succeed in leaving a swimming pool of water on the floor, absorbed by all of the water injected. They are usually of insufficient value to send out to a cleaning plant, so there really aren't any good choices. Maybe the driveway and a pressure washer?

Re: Shag rugs with the Challenger

So I just did a shag rug with the Challenger.

I have to qualify, however, that it was NOT a 1970's "mod" rug with 3-inch fingers.

It was pretty shaggy, though. The fingers were less than one inch and had a wooly feel, althought the carpet was synthetic. It came out just great. There was a lot of rawhide dog bone debris in it, and the challenger got that up too! I used Encap Green mixed with a dash of OBAN for the dog smell and also some of the new Green Spot-n-Boost from Vacaway.