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Re: If anyone would like info on getting on first page of google places

(to Michael)
Congratulations on your achieving Page #1 placement on Google! I ran some additional search keywords through, and found you listed as follows:

organic carpet care austin #1
organic carpet cleaning austin #1
green carpet care austin #1
green carpet cleaning austin #1
environmentally friendly carpet care austin #1
environmentally friendly carpet cleaning austin #1
nontoxic carpet care austin #3
nontoxic carpet cleaning austin #1
all natural carpet care austin #3
all natural carpet cleaning austin #6
natural carpet care austin #3
natural carpet cleaning austin #3

All search terms were entered without the use of quote marks or plus (+) signs linking words together.
Some people might search "natural carpet care" austin, which could produce different results. It is good to try to have key search keywords appear all linked together in the text of your website, which helps to produce high rankings. Or, group them in a separate area the way you do the names and zip codes of the various cities and towns in which you are seeking customers. But in the text is better.

Re: If anyone would like info on getting on first page of google places

Hey,Mark i should also be showing on Austin carpet cleaners # 7 or Austin carpet cleaning also # 7 It might show different were you are

Re: If anyone would like info on getting on first page of google places

Hi, please send me the link!

I have paid lots of money to SEO companies to get on the first page of the google organic search. I read part of the 700-page SEO for Dummies book also. I am on the Google first page sometimes for a couple of keywords. I have found it hard to stay there, however. The last company I used, Main Street Hosting (or is it Main Street Host), made a big difference for me in about six weeks. What they did was so subtle, that it left me baffled. They did not change any of my web content except to add a new links page. On the other pages they just changed metadata.