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Carpet Cleaner

Mark, was wondering if you could give your opinion on the different carpet cleaning solution out there. I notice you sell Bio-force on your website. At this moment I have Orbit Natural. I know vacaway sells a different "green" product. Just wondering which is your favorite if you have one or if you could give your opinion on which one you like best. Just curious. Thanks, hope all have a great new year. Sam

Re: Carpet Cleaner

If I know the customer really REALLY wants the safest product I have, I will use either of the 2 Bioforce products: labelled as "Carpet & Upholstery Cleaner" and "Outsolv".
I know from discussions with the company owner/president (Glen Nelson) that these are 100% vegetable product. If the customer is primarily interested in using a "green" product, I am more likely to use Vacaway's encap product, which contains a trace amount of a polymer - a synthetic material - in order to have it behave as an encapsulation product.

Re: Carpet Cleaner

Mark, which one is the better product for cleaning or is there really not much difference?

Re: Carpet Cleaner

I cannot see any difference. With an OP machine, you have such a high level of agitation, I believe most of the work is done by the scrubbing action, regardless of the quality of the cleaning product.