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Used 3/4 hp challenger

Hello guys! Started this business in Sept. 2009. Unfortunately I had a heart attack a month later and have not been able to do anything with it since. The machine has only been used a few times in my home besides a couple of jobs I did before my heart attack. 2 carpets and 1 tile. Need to sale. All pads and gliders included. Also have tile and grout brush. E-mail if you are interested in further information.

Re: Used 3/4 hp challenger

Sorry to hear of your bad luck Jimmy. I had a heart attack in June 08, started biz Sept 08 and have been fortunate to have good health since. I've quit smoking and am more active, diets not easy. I hope your health is good and you've found something else to do.

Good Luck!

Re: Used 3/4 hp challenger

Sorry to hear of this, Jimmy. Stay healthy!

Re: Used 3/4 hp challenger

Hey,Jimming what are you asking for the challenger..