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Encapping with Challenger

I picked up a local store chain They all have the same product and the same basic layout and size They are all about 1500 to 1700 sq. The previous CC just encapped the place I plan to do the same. What can I expect for aq ft per hr by just using a FP pad and my 15 inch Challenger. I am thinking of getting another machine if Ithin k it is too slow. The previous company used a Whitaker CRB and took app 80 to 90 minutes. I know I wont be as fast but what should I expect

Re: Encapping with Challenger

I clean a jewery store thats about 2,000 sft and takes me a 1 1/2 and that's including pre-vaccuming.. i only charge 250.00 for job..I have has the account for 3 years now and still looks new..