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release it cleaners

Hello out there,

Anyone ever use Release It Punch or any of the Release it products? Does it work well as an all in one encap cleaner with carpet protection? Compared to Encap Green which would be your choice? Any thoughts will be helpful.

Re: release it cleaners

I tend to stay with EncapGreen, as it is a vegetable-based product, and that is my primary marketing message. On some large commercial jobs, where price is the primary consideration, and I am using my 24" Cimex, I will use Releasit's DS, as it creates the foam trail that helps to keep the Cimex's cleaning paths from overlapping too much.
As far as commercial cleaning products go, the Releasit products are pretty benign, health-wise. I think the strongest part of their recipe is isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol.

Re: release it cleaners

Thanks Mark, a little more research and I came to the same conclusion. It will probably hurt my brand if I used it.