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Seasonal Doldrums ?

How are people doing businesswise for the Holiday Season?

I had a pretty good Spring rush, and then I did better than expected this past Summer and into the early Fall. Finally, after one year, I broke even and went into the black. The cost of Google Adwords, my best source of business, has been killing me, however.

When the "winter holiday cleaning rush" started in late October, however, my business fell off drastically and it has remained low, before and after Thanksgiving. The holday "rush" for me is instead a holiday famine. This is the second time that I observed this. And this has happened even when my google organic search ranking is better than ever and holding. What gives?

What are other folks experiences???

Re: Seasonal Doldrums ?

When I started my business, I too expected that there would be a great spike in business volume before the holiday season, but it has never materialized. Due to repeat and referral business, my cold weather business volume is not a wipeout, but the winter months definitely represent my slow period. Not sure what can be done about it, especially in a region where there is much cold and wet weather. People tend to delay this kind of work, if possible, until the worst of the weather seems to have passed. But up and down cycles exist in just about every type of business, so some of it is inevitsble.

Re: Seasonal Doldrums ?


So the holiday carpet cleaning rush is not a strong or maybe even not a real phenomena. Customers say "you must be really busy with the holidays coming up," so I was lead to believe that there is a definite pre-holiday rush for carpet cleaning. Maybe it's not so. I guess I've got to have something else to fill the winter gap.

The Spring rush is real though. I can vouch for that.

Thanks for your reply.

Re: Seasonal Doldrums ?

Late Summer into early fall I couldnt keep up.I was also thinking the holidays would give a little spike upwards. Not the case at all. I have a small commercial base that is keeping me semi busy. (Theater, 2 prop mgt companies) the larger mgt company shares facilities with another local agency and today I am cleaning their kitchen, dining room and storage areas for 300.00 Not great money but enough to keep the wolves away