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moveing furniture

when you do a bedroom, do you move the beds??
just do around them and price acordingly??? thanks

Re: moveing furniture

No. I am a Carpet Cleaner not a furniture mover. You can make up the area lost with a hallway. If you start moving beds,dressers, etc you may find cobwebs
food etc. If they want the area cleaned at the very least arrange it so they are doing the labor just my opinion

Re: moveing furniture

It is very rare to have a customer want to have bedroom furniture moved - beds, dressers, bureaus, etc. 499 times out of 500, you will be expected to only clean what you can get at without moving pieces like these. If someone does want all or some of this moved, ask who might be available to assist. If they say "no one" then you should inform the customer that you will need to add a reasonable surcharge in exchange for the time and effort involved.

Re: moveing furniture

I take the approach where I move what I can move easily with plastic sliders.

As I do the room-by-room walk-through with the customer, I usually point to the furniture and say "I can move this, not move that", etc.

I rarely get a customer who objects. I had two different customers (usually when the man of the house hires me) a few weeks ago who wanted absolutely everything moved in all the rooms. Both stayed and helped me move the furniture without my asking, however.