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Fiber plus pads

Does anyone have any advice on cleaning fiber plus brown scrub pads, I used one for the first time today, and had good results, these are really going to help in some of the trashed carpets I was not able to get as clean with pads only. I put it in the washer machine with some pads but a lot of the dirt and soil is trapped in the fibers, what do you guys do with these????

Also does anyone have any advice on tip-bloom using these type of scrubber pads, the tips did look a little unraveled after I was done, but the carpet was still wet, however there was no way I could have got the carpet that light using only pads?????

Re: Fiber plus pads

At times I have run one under hot water from a faucet after using it. That seemed to flush out most of the soil. I did run one through the clothes washer cycle once, but it came out pretty mangled. I would keep a supply of a few clean (unused) ones on hand. Order them from