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Here is a very stupid question about encapping. Do you tell the customer that the residue left behind after you clean is part of the cleaning process? Or do they just not notice anything exept for the clean carpet

Re: Encapping

I tell them that the soil, dirt, and stains are going to transfer onto the cotton pad and anything that does not transfer is going to encapsulate into small white crystals which you cannot see, but that can simply be vacuumed up. I personally only do a post vac if there is a lot of visible debris that comes up from the pile, but if not, I just make sure to vacuum the corners well during pre-vac, and then I tell the customer to vacuum at their convenience, it saves some time, and some of my customers like to wait for the carpet to dry completely before the post-vac, which is what I prefer.

Re: Encapping

Just show them the dirty pad and they'll see where the dirt goes. Why complicate it???