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does anyone use battery powered sprayers???
Would seem like a lot of pumping....
How maany gallons does your sprayer hold???

Re: sprayers

I gotta cheapo 20 Lowe's special when it breaks I have a back up and so I am out 20 bucks oh btw it is a 2 gallon sprayer

Re: sprayers

i have (2) 5 gal battery sprayers. 60 psi - 13hrs run time. i have gone a whole wk with lot more than 13 hrs and havent had them die on a job yet. knock on wood. unfortunately its a seasonal item, so ill have to wait to see if it comes back out. retails under 100.00 one stop gardens. its a backpack sprayer, but i didnt want to lug it around specially on commercial jobs, so i mounted them to $25 magna carts from depot.
so my sporty lil dolly does all the work :o)

i got sick of lil pump up sprayers quick