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1st commercial job

I picked up the local cheap seat cinema. They usually do their own carpet. I have been there numerous times as a customer. The place is pretty nice. They have some problem stains in the lobby area in which they want to use us. Should I approach this job as a typical residential job. Or is there a different procedure. The carpet is CGD Thanks in advance

Re: 1st commercial job

Theater lobbies and aisles can be loaded with food and drink spills; butter, popcorn oil, etc. Depending upon how it measures out in sq. ft., I would price it somewhere in between my higher residential rate, and my commercial rate. It could be slow going.

Re: 1st commercial job

Update finally did the movie theater last night app 550 sq ft. They called us because they had a bad wicking problem 2 big spots. One the size of a park bench the other about 4 feet in diameter. They have an extractor but the mgr was frustrated due to the fact that everytime he went over the spots they would come back. OP being what it is I figured this would be a good account to go after. I told him about moisture in the base of the carpet bleeding back through yada yada. The carpet was CGD but it looked like spray painted blue grass. We showed up I hired a friend of mine to prevac and help move stuff around. we showed up at 1030 The spots were NOT coming up like I had planned I first played it safe using the holy glider and cottons. I was not satisfied So out came the holy glider and I used a spray bottle mixed with Vacaway's hot knife and water. I presrayed heavily then took a dry double sided cotton and went to town. It came out fabulous. The manager said it looked great. Got an email about an hour ago telling me to do the rest of the lobby 2 conference rooms 2 typical theater hall ways and all 7 theater's plus the seats that are a mess I figure there must be a few out of a thousand that are in need of our services. So I would like to thank Mark D for his knowledge and time in guiding me through this little adventure

Re: 1st commercial job

Steve, soon everyone in Maine with carpets will be calling you.