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I have read some posts about different pads used in different situations, like the fiber-plus pads, and turbo-pads, how much thought do you guys put into which pad to use, I have cleaned a fair amount of different carpets, and I find I usually only have trouble with one type of carpet, I don't know the name, but it seems like others would have the same trouble with it, it looks similar to 3/4 inch pieces of yarn unlooped, it seems as though certain high traffic areas remain stained even on carpet which is fairly good? Anyway any conversation on the pads would be appreciated, I have used some pads from Argo, and use mostly standard pads from challenger, I never really have had any problems, except for the carpet I described earlier, thanks.

Re: pads

Does this carpet look like worn out shag?

Re: pads

Even when they have been cleaned, traffic lanes in synthetic carpeting can still look "beat", because over time and foot traffic, they become beat. Synthetic fibers, more than wool fibers, gradually lose their ability to stand up straight, so they reflect light at a different angle than fibers in less travelled areas that still have all or most of their original
ability to stand up straight. Due to all the squishing they receive under foot, they also become abraded (dull) so they appear less lustrous to the eye than fibers that are out of the traffic lane.