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We've been picked!!

EcoMaids is a nationally franchised maid service with - as the name implies - a strong "green" mission. They recently decided to add carpet cleaning to the services offered by their franchisees. Very few maid services offer carpet cleaning services. After looking at and trying many different approaches to this, from wet to dry, they have selected my Drysdale's/Challenger Package as the way to go.
They found the results it produced were as good as any they had seen, and that it was easily the easiest and quickest to set up and perform.
In October, I will be travelling to their home office, Albany NY, to meet and greet all their franchisees at their annual
EcoMaids "bash" or homecoming, or whatever they call it. There I will explain and demo the OP/green products combination, and detail how they can add a new revenue stream to their businesses.

Re: We've been picked!!

Congratulations Mark, You deserve it!!!

Re: We've been picked!!

Great News Mark! Congrats! Sam