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wool carpet

Hi to everyone. This is my first post. I bought Mark's Challenger package several months ago. Great investment. It has taken me a little while to get going because I developed a website, postcards, and targeted mailings. I have also been practicing on family. I have recently completed several paying jobs (synthetic carpet) and everything turned out great. This Thursday afternoon, I have a small residential job with wool carpet. A tight closed loop light beige hallway and a medium closed loop white 9'x10' area rug. The carpets are only lightly soiled. This is my first job with wool. I have 100% cotton (single and double thick) and Fiber plus pads. I have all 3 Challenger gliders. I also have EnviroPro (Bioforce) Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, VacAway LPH, VacAway Spot-N-Boost, and Orbit Natural. I have other cleaners too, but, I think the ones listed can be used on wool carpets. What advice do you have for me regarding cleaning these wool carpets? Is there anything I should do differently from cleaning synthetic carpets? Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Sorry this post is so long. Rick

Re: wool carpet

I would try to have a few of Challenger's Turbo pads on hand for the wool carpets, and to be cautious, use the middle glider, not the holy glider. If Challenger is out of Turbo pads, they are available elsewhere as Glad (Gladiator) pads. Re. cleaning products, with wool, don't use one with a high pH number (maybe 7.5 max)

Re: wool carpet

Thanks Mark. I appreciate your advice.