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Killing pet odor

When I use the OBAN natural odor neutralizer product at a customer's home, I usually do it hoping for the best. The scent from the product itself is too noticeable for a few hours to know whether or not you've really gotten the smell out. I have a townhouse condo I own as a rental property. Currently I am refurbishing it after particularly heavy use by a tenant. One room smelled strongly of pet urine, and there were blotches everywhere on the carpet. I loaded up my regular cleaning product (Encap-Green) with Oban and sprayed it down pretty heavily. I pre-scrubbed with a Fiber-Plus pad, which did a great job of making the spots mostly disappear. I then went over the whole room with mostly cotton pads, hoping to remove as much of the bad stuff as possible.
You can't tell right away whether you have successfully killed the odor due to the scent of the neutralizing product. I came back several days later to do some more work, and to sniff the room. I was disappointed in that pet urine could still be smelled. I made a mental note to measure the room so as to order replacement carpeting. But yesterday I went back again, about a week after the previous visit, and - wonder of wonders - there was no pet odor. I asked 2 other people's opinion, and neither could smell anything either. So I guess this stuff just take some time to be fully effective.

Re: Killing pet odor

How much Oban do you add to the Encap, at what dilution?

Re: Killing pet odor

There aren't any really specific directions. I usually pour in what amounts to about a cup per gallon.

Re: Killing pet odor

Do you get your Oban online, or do you have somewhere local you get it?

Re: Killing pet odor

I should have mentioned that OBAN does not work for strong urine smells. At least not in the short duration that I have been able to observe. That's the only situation where it does not work for me.

For urine, I am using Nature's Miracle Urine Destroyer. There are a lot of nature's miracle products. The one labeled "urine destroyer" found in the Cat section of big pet store chains is the one that works for me. It has peroxide in addition to the enzymes (don't know why the peroxide doesn't destroy the enzyme though). It doesn't work all the time either. I have found that I have not been able to clean up successfully after a thorough urine soaking down to the carpet pad.

I have heard of "restoration" companies that refuse to clean these extensive urine soakings also.