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tile & grout

Was reading a post about tile & grout cleaning and Mark you mentioned that you used a steam vapor machine as well as tile lab products from home depot. Im wondering if you might talk a little about the steam vapor machine and what you use yours for specifically? Also what brand you have. thanks......Sam

Re: tile & grout

Mine is a Daimer ( At least that's the name it is sold at in the US. Most are imported from Italy. Model KleenJet Pro Plus 200-s. I bought mine around 3 years ago for about $750. I think now it is around $1100.
One of its fittings is a small round brush, under an inch in diameter. The steam shoots thru the center of the brush at 300 D. Fahrenheit, @ 70 psi. This will blow any dirt right out of the grout line. I also use it with a different fitting to inject steam directly into carpet fibers, as a means of destroying the allergy of dust mites and other micro organisms. I don't do a lot of this - just for a few customers who feel it helps with their allergies.
It's also very good at sterilizing mattresses.