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carpets in apt complexes and pricing

Possibly just got my first commercial job. Apartment complex. I have a few questions. 1.) How to approach the pricing? Do I charge by the apartment or by the sq.foot? 2.) Since I will be cleaning multiple units should I offer a discount? 3.) what type of carpet should i expect in an apt. complex? Any replies would be greatly appreciated.........thanks Sam

Re: carpets in apt complexes and pricing

I would develop tier pricing. They will promise you multiple cleanings, but when you actually get there, a few may fall threw, thus creating another trip. To make it profitable for you and a savings for them, give them a price for 1 apartment, 2-4 apartments and 5+.

Re: carpets in apt complexes and pricing

If they are empty apartments, the work should go pretty fast, unless they have been trashed. Rental property owners, and property management companies who manage rental properties, often have pretty low standards. So there's going to be a limit on what they will be willing to pay. Can you get thru a 2-bedroom unit in an hour? OK. What do you want to make in an hour? or, conversely, how low will you go? Who does the vacuuming? It could take you as long to vacuum out a dirty rental as to clean the carpet. Charge more if you have to do the vacuuming; less if they do it.

Re: carpets in apt complexes and pricing

Guys, thanks for the suggestions. That helps a lot. Sam