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Moving furniture

Hello! I am considering starting a carpet cleaning business using your system and was wondering what do most customers expect during a cleaning. Do they expect all their furniture to be moved on a cleaning or just clean the main traffic areas. I will be working by myself for a time so it would be difficult to move large furniture items by myself. What is the consensus on moving furniture? Any tips on the business would be appreciated as I have no real back round in this field.


Re: Moving furniture

Every client is different, Brian. Ask each of them what they want and price accordingly. I work alone and will move most items if needed. Of course, the computers, TVs, pool tables, china cabinets and beds never get moved. I have several sets of furniture slides than help alot.

Re: Moving furniture

The more sq. ft. of carpet you uncover, the larger your invoice (if you bill by the number of sq. ft. of carpet cleaned.) So slide those sofas and coffee tables.