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vacuum cleaner

Whats a good cost effective vacuum for pre and post vacuuming? Right now i am using my wifes bissell turbo something or another, but was wondering if there is a good choice out there from any of your experienced ccs? I was thinking about the shark, it gets a lot of good press and is around 160.00$ in Walmart. thanks.....Sam

Re: vacuum cleaner

My vacuum of choice is the Kenmore Progressive. It lists for around $300, but is usually available at Sears for around $225. It's my choice since pretty much every year it wins the Consumer Reports Magazine
competition for best pet hair picker-upper. And in this business, you run into a lot of pet hair. It also seems not to clog up when you are vacuuming up damp carpet after cleaning it.

Re: vacuum cleaner

my all time fav (so far) is the Dyson DC07.

Re: vacuum cleaner

I agree mark I also use the progressive suction is awesome..

Re: vacuum cleaner

Derek and Michael! Two old buddies back the same day!
Great to hear from both of you.

Re: vacuum cleaner


I too have a progressive as a backup vac, and it is one helluva vac, BUT....
I was told by an old pro, "Don't use machines that Joe Schmoe can buy in a store, If you want to be a professional, use professional tools."
I'm not knocking any machine you can buy at Sears or Wally-World, BUT I do agree with the fact that your better off buying and using commercial tools if nothing else, just for the sake of appearance.
For the Same money you can spend at a local retail store, there are a lot of options to buy a commercial unit of some sort. I use a :

Clean Max Pro Quick Draw Vacuum, cost $279.95
and is a True HEPA Vac, and there are plenty for even less money then that.

I'm new at this game too and by no means a seasoned Vet, but I'm shootin' to stay in this game long enough
to become one.

Just my two cents for what it's worth.