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gum and other gooey substances

Just wondering what the best product might be for removing gum from carpets. Or any other substances. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

Re: gum and other gooey substances

The most common methods are freezing with any one of a number of spray-on products, and dissolving it with a citrus-based product. I opt for the dissolving technique, as it wipes right out with any small piece of absorbent material, such as cotton. Sometimes the entire piece will slide right off the carpet for easy disposal in the nearest waste basket or toilet. I use a product called Goo-Gone, which has a nice citrus scent. Some people use Goof-Off, but it is a nasty chemical mix, and smells enough to give some people a headache.

Re: gum and other gooey substances

i like Vacaway's Hell gel orange.

it is advertised as a crystallizer.

Re: gum and other gooey substances

I have had good results using VacAway Hel Gel orange also, we put it on during preinspection rub it in, comeback with a icescraper, and it usually will scrap out.