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Hydrogen Peroxide

Now and then I do an online search looking for a particular type of stain remover, and frequently someone mentions hydrogen peroxide. This is the chemical used in hair salons to remove color from hair. I've been able to buy it in standard pharmacies, but only in a 3% solution. I've tried it a few times, with no dramatic effect. Yesterday I went into a "beauty supply" shop I was passing by (they sell products to women's hair and beauty salons). They had it in both 20% and 40% solutions. I opted for the 40 (about $4 for 16 ounces), figuring I could dilute it if 40% proved to be TOO effective.
Just wondering if anyone who visits this Forum has used this approach to stain treatment.

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide

i always keep a 32 oz bottle of 40 vol HP on my van. keep several in storage. i use it whenever i can, ie: whenever i get a lighter colored carpet (white or off white)

i just used it yesterday, matter of fact. did my carpets, which are beige, but i dont use HP on my carpets 'cause they are pretty clean anyways.

but the missus wanted me to scrub up our kitchen vinyl with the Challenger. i put some Punch and 40 vol in the Multisprayer - let it dwell for 15 min, then put a Glad pad down with the Challenger Grout brush on top of that...LOOKED NEW!

so then i had to do our 2 bathrooms. didnt use the Grout brush on those, and while it did a tremendous job, i wish i had used the grout brush on top of the Glad pads for the bathrooms.

love my 40 vol! but i wouldn't use it on any color but white / off-white!!!

and careful storing it once it is mixed with your cleaning solution! if left in a closed container, it will expand & burst!!! i leave my Multisprayer jugs slightly ajar, if i have 40 vol mixed in them.

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide

Derek how much peroxide do you add to the punch per gallon and have you tried it on any apartment nasties.

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide

i add 2 or 3 oz per gallon. might have used it on a split-home apartment, idk. doesn't matter tho, dirty carpet is the same in any structure

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide

I tried some of the 40% stuff STRAIGHT on some pretty bad air filtration lines in a house. Then scrubbed the trial area with a white face cloth. The face cloth did get kind of gray, but both I and my customer agreed that the trial line didn't look much different.

Re: Hydrogen Peroxide

...for soil filtration lines...