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What Recession?

My volume of carpet cleaning customers has managed to stay nice and even throughout the last couple of down years in the national and regional economies. What continues on an upsurge has been my work in the area of wood floor refinishing, none of which I do myself. My tie-in with a local, experienced wood floor sander/refinisher provides a nice additional income stream with no actual physical effort on my part. As I think I have pointed out in an earlier post here, if you're going to do this, you need to find a guy (are there any female floor refinishers?) who is both good at what he does AND who will sell you his services at a discount of around 50 cents a sq. ft. That's your profit, less whatever additional marketing costs you take on to promote this service. Mine are zero. I just include it on my website, my pass-out card, and on my free Craigslist ads. I'm now getting referrals from referrals from referrals.