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NBA Finals

Normally I try to stick to the subject at hand (little or no politics, religion, or sex) but being a Bostonian
I am of course avidly following another classic Celtics - Lakers Finals. Beat L.A.!! Each game seems to be totally different from the other. Kevin Garnett and Odom disappearing for entire games at a time. Ray Allen setting Playoff 3-point shooting records in one game, then going zero for 14 the next game. But last night's Celtics win in Game #4 was the strangest yet, with the bunch of misfits and castoffs who make up the Celtics bench providing the win. Only Kobe Bryant performs almost without variation night after night, hitting nothing but net from wherever he is on the court. I think he's from another planet.

Re: NBA Finals

The Lakers were supposed to win easily when Kobe had his widely predicted "bust out" game. Well, he had that game last night scoring 38 points, but 'twas not enough. In fact, at one point in the game Kobe scored 19 straight points for his team!! At the start of this run, his team was down by just a point. At the end of it, they were down by 10. I guess hoop is still a team sport. Celts in 7.

Re: NBA Finals

i hope you are right Mark.

go Celt's

Re: NBA Finals

The Celtics lost, but the sun still came up this morning.
Go Sox!