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Picture this. A community with 100,00 + population, 3 universities,lots of restaurants and industry. Many upscale neighborhoods ect. Generally a bustling community for at least 9 months out of the year and as far as I can see there are no OP carpet cleaners. Sound like a gold mine to anyone? Anyhow my question is can anyone give me advice on what to charge per sq. foot? Or a general idea? Thanks for any input............Sam

Re: pricing

You want to "position" yourself (big business marketing term) as THE go-to guy for healthy, green, or whatever term you want to use. Chances are no one in your market area has staked that out yet. Back this up with the low-water, rapid-dry benefit, and your service will have strong appeal to a definite, upscale slice of the market. The people who are content to have a houseful of chemicals, and wet carpets, can look for who is the cheapest among the rest of your competitors. This enables you to charge a healthy unit price for your work. My W2W rate is .40/s.f. You should be able to go to at least .35.

Re: pricing

Thanks Mark.....i appreciate the input.