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Challenger Spray System

Anyone use it? How's it working for you? Any pics?

Re: Challenger Spray System

That would be the Challenger Max. I don't have one, nor have I tried using one.

Re: Challenger Spray System

hiyas Marc

i PM'ed you this on another forum, but i will mention it here as well.

for CGD (commercial glue-down carpet) in a commercial setting, that idea works, because with encap, we dont need dwell time.

but in the resi arena, it just doesn't work. unless you are encap'ing resi with a product like Encap Clean, 99% of the other presprays we all use (like Punch for me) NEED dwell time.

just some food for thought for anyone considering using these OP's with on-board sprayers in homes if you are, i recommend sticking with an OP that does NOT have an on-board spray system, and buy something like a Multisprayer for applying prespray.