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Looking to get started

Your system looks like a great opportunity. I have a good friend that has been in the CC business for 9 years and has been very successful so I know what is possible with hard work. He also does a similar system. I need help with my business plan. I know what your starter program consists of but what other product do you suggest I need: Extra pads, Cleaner, vacuum, anything else? I need to get a good grasp of everything I will need right away to get started. Insurance costs I'm assuming will run $750/yr. What business structure? What are an average costs for fliers or door hung fliers? General Rule of Thumb for charging customers to start with both residential and commercial? Please add anything you think I may be missing. I have a current mid-sized SUV that I will be using to start. Can I market this process as "All Natural"? There is only one company in my area that is NOT marketing a HWE system after searching the yellow pages and websites. I believe I could succeed marketing your system.

Your forum is extremely helpful. I am excited to complete my business plan and start working for MYSELF. I hope that soon you can announce me as a "New Guy".


Re: Looking to get started

Marty also sent me an e-mail, to which I replied.
Anyone else with comments to offer, please do.