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Try houses "For Sale" for new business

If Spring's warmer weather isn't alone bringing you enough customers, try working with people trying to sell their houses. In this very difficult real estate market, sellers need to understand that they have to make their home look its absolute best to get customers to make an offer. Buyers react negatively when they see any kind of deferred maintenance - soiled carpeting, grim tile & grout, etc. Even if they don't like the color, and plan on removing the carpet anyway, they are at least subconsciously reacting negatively
when the floors look in need of attention. It suggests that maintenance may have been deferred even where they can't as easily see it.
So make up a flier, or letter on your business letterhead, and drop it off wherever you see a house "For Sale" sign - unless the place has obviously already been vacated. Also try working with the R.E. brokers whose names are often on the signs out front. Or go to the various websites of real estate companies in your market area, get the addresses of homes for sale, and mail out your message. In this process, you may well meet brokers who can send you future business as well, and the sellers you contact may be moving to other homes nearby, where your services could be put to use.

Re: Try houses "For Sale" for new business

Another creative idea! You should write a book!