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Tough Job

A client challenged me to remove 4 year pet stains from a oriental rug he has had in storage. Does the OP community have any suggestions? I've hit it with orbit natural and abstraction which has removed a good portion of the dirt and lightened up the dog poop stains. (any released that foul dog smell in the process.

I was curious if anyone has been successful getting 4 year old dog poop stains out of an oriental carpet and what they did/used.



Re: Tough Job

No single product or mix of available chemicals can guarantee that pet stains can be fully removed. But many, including myself, have had good to excellent degrees of success with a generally available product called SPOT SHOT. I find it in local Dollar Stores. Shaving cream has worked for some people, as have various combinations of hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, dish soap, and water.