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> Just finished doing the condo with the Challenger, and I have to say that
> it has exceeded my expectations and then some.
> My wife was really impressed with how the spots and stains were removed
> without using the spotter samples,
> she is really anti-chem, and was amazed that it took less than an hour to
> dry. When we moved into our place in Jan. the carpets
> had just been done by an HWE and they re-soiled really quick. The carpets
> in our house are not that new but they look 10 times better
> after being done with Challenger and the Orbit Natural.
> I also used the Eco-Mist concentrate I had told you about ( colloidal
> micelle solution ) and it preformed as well or better than the
> Orbit-Natural,
> which I assume also uses the same process.
> Should be going live with the webpage in a week or two, if everything
> falls into place.
> Brent Robertson

Re: Challenger

Brent. Thanks for the early report on your success with your new Challenger. As you get up & running in your business, the carpets of Canada should be looking better than ever.
Hope you will post here frequently.

Re: Challenger

Awesome! Another OP convert/believer!

Best of luck in your new business.