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Plug for OBAN

I am using the OBAN deodorizer that came in Mark's startup kit. Until this season, I haven't had many opportunities to see how it works on difficult odors.

I have used it recently on pungeant dog vomit smells and also on carpets and uphostery saturated with smoke. The OBAN has cleared up all of the odor problems 100% of the time and it leaves behind a pleasant scent which then dissipates the same day.

Buy this stuff and keep the OBAN company going. It's like magic in a bottle. It has a mild perfume/soap smell with hints of licorace and something else spicy. Its the one thing that I know will never fail me on a job now.

I prefer this to a product called "Consume" which another natural carpet cleaner swore by.

Order it here:

I found that spraying the OBAN directly on furniture leaves an oily mark. Instead, put 1 ounce into about 2 gallons of your wash solution. That has worked on very strong smoke odors for me.

Re: Plug for OBAN

I have had great results with Oban as well. We used it at one of the local Hampton Inn Hotels as they wanted to get rid of the cigarette smoke in several rooms. It worked great. You can applied it on the walls, furniture, clothes, carpets, etc. with no problem at all. Company provides great service. Ask him about shipping a bottle of concentrate so you can do your own mixing and you don't pay extra shipping cost.

Re: Plug for OBAN

Mark said that he uses about 1 cup per gallon how much do you guys use?, and do you mix with Encap Green, or apply straight?, do you work it in with your machine? I am about to order some and appreciate people talking about neutralizing odors because although the Encap Green has a deodorizer it does not fair well against pungent odor, thanks for the advice.