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Need to source a heated sprayer

Does anyone know if such a beast exists .... I'm looking for a heated sprayer.

Why you ask? Let me tell ya ...

With colloidal micelle products, Outsolv, Natural, Abstraction there are 3 levers we can pull: Time, temperature and concentration. These products can be applied from 70F-140F, doing so you can cut the dwell time as much as half for the same concentration.

So I have a couple of tests ready to go to eval various colloidal products but need a way to deliver a heated pre-spray in a systematic, controlled way. I need a heated sprayer but can't locate one. If such a beast exists let me know. If I doesn't I'll try building one



Re: Need to source a heated sprayer

i built my own 5 gal electtric sprayer. using home depot bucket 60 psi diaphragm pump - 110v.

w/ bout 25' to 30' of hose. i use really hot water from restraunt boiler, and it really helps in dealing w/greasy restraunts. i havent gotten into adding a heater, a lil more complicated.

you can build this sprayer for under $150.00

Re: Need to source a heated sprayer

HOS (Hruby Orbital Systems) offers an OP machine that via an onboard heater can produce a heated spray. My own understanding of what I believe is the 2nd law of thermodynamics (heat goes from where there is some, to where there is less) suggests that due to heat losses from evaporation, very little heat would be left in the droplets of spray due to the trip of the heated solution from the tip of the sprayer to the surface of the carpet. This may be why there are no heated sprayers that I know of.

Re: Need to source a heated sprayer

In high dirt-plus-grease situations, I have sometimes brought along a 5-gallon pail and a bucket heater. Drop a terry cloth pad into the bucket of boiling water, or a water-detergent solution, then - using tongs - pull it out soaking wet, quickly place it onto the soiled carpet, then get your OP machine on it real fast so that you can scrub before the heat in the pad dissipates. This has worked best for me when using the 2-sided, 100% cotton Argo pads, probably because their relative thickness holds more heat longer than thinner pads.