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why we matter

yesterday I was at my local supply store after checking on jobs and was shopping the Centex Green NSWR500 tile and grout sealer to the owner. In the process I met a TM guy who does a lot of T&G. He had a 8 x 10 t&g job at a lawyer's office. Couldn't get his TM to reach so he got on his hands and knees to scrub. Ouch. He made $275 the hard way.

What could you have done? a OP machine, some Anomaly, clean pads ....boom. Job done ... out of there

Re: why we matter

Do you use your challenger often for t and g cleaning, we have used it with mixed results, it only seems to get clean with the t and g brush using a descaler, followed by a neutralizer, followed by a rinse, it has came out very well sometimes, than other times not so well, it is messy and that descaler is toxic. I am wanting a steam machine, I have seen them online for as low as 350.00 and they were cleaning some bad grout at a rest. does anyone recommend a certain type, I heard about a lady bug machine, and it is around a 1000 and up?

Re: why we matter

My challenger (titan) And T&G brush work great for cleaning t & g.

I use Oil Eater a all natural degreaser or Simple Green HD bio based and non toxic.

I apply with a mop and Hot Water, while im applying solution to the floor its getting plenty of dwell time.

then i mop evrything up, i used to use a small extractor but i move faster w/ a nice mop n bucket :o)
sometimes simple is good.

i have restraunts i do evry 2 wks or monthly and it's a lot of tile and they love the results, even did their concrete. in their kitchen its not black anymore!

just learn how to use your challenger before buying something else n be patient it is a slower process

hope this helps

Re: why we matter

I like to have 2 machines on hand for every T&G job of any size: my Challenger with the standard T&G brush, as well as my Daimer steam vapor machine (SVM). ( With its 300+ degree heat at 70 psi, with a brush attachment that's just a bit wider than a grout line, it can blast out whatever crud is lurking there. Sometimes I'll do the entire floor with my Challenger, then go back over the lines that still look gray with the Daimer. I wrap things up with the Challenger and terrycloth pads to remove all the mess. Customers love the results!

Re: why we matter

I learned the hard way to be patient, let the products dwell. The right products plus weight on the challenger, plus suction to remove the suspended dirt have worked for me. I haven't bought a steam unit yet but to Mark's point it's the contrast from grout to tile that makes the customer happy (IMHO). If I find a small used unit I might follow the Professor's (Dr. Dullea) lead.